About us

Our story

Having a shower with a shampoo or soap bar. For the founders of Solid Only, Emelie Schuttevaer and Marga Jansen, it's the most standard thing to do. With their personal care range that consists of only solid bars, they are leading the way to a more sustainable cosmetic industry. And you're invited to join them.

Who we are

Emelie and Marga are passionate entrepreneurs, with knowledge and love for cosmetics. Twenty years ago, they started working together, while they were both product developers at retailers. Now they combine their strengths to evoke a new era of solid cosmetics.

What we do

Solid Only is the company behind the brand Solidly, a brand of solid cosmetic bars. Think soap, shampoo, conditioner, scrub, deodorant and even make-up. The biggest advantages of solid cosmetic bars is their longer live and sustainable character, by being less of a burden on the environment than fluid cosmetics. Solidly cosmetics are made of all natural ingredients and free from additives that may harm people and nature, like microplastics, silicons and synthetic color additives. All products are 100% vegan.

Together with their owned cosmetic line Solidly, Solid Only calls themselves solid bar designers and with that qualification they primairily design solid cosmetic concepts for retailers, hair-professionals, hotels and many more industries. From start to finish, Solid Only takes care of the whole process: concept design, brand name, packaging, creating the best formula for the targeted market, testing, production, buying and distribution. All focused on facilitating their clients.

Why Solid?

When you read the back of plastic personal care bottles you find out that they contain 70-80 percent of water. However, water will be treated like ‘the new gold’ in the near future. Through our current behaviour, shortages of clean filtered drinking water will arise. By using cosmetics in a solid form, the usage of water, preservatives and plastics decreases. This makes solid cosmetic bars more sustainable. Also, they take up less volume, which leads to a reduction in transport costs and packaging materials. A win-win situation.

Our Mission

A soap bar reminds many people of their grandmother’s sink, where they would find a slippery, filthy, dirty chunk of soap, that completely dried the skin.

Solid Only intends to change this image and creates solid bars with optimal looks and performance. The company strives to convince their target group by producing a bar that performs better than their fluid equivalent. Also they integrate solutions for storing and traveling.

Quality is key at Solid Only. All ingredients that may possibly harm or damage health and nature won’t be found on the list of ingredients. All the products are assessed by a testing group and when a product exceeds expectations it will be put to market.

Why choose for Solid Only?

If you are looking for expertise and consider caring for the future is important, you are at the right place. Emelie worked as a private label manager and marketing manager for several international retailers like HEMA, Etos and Jumbo for over 20 years. Marga is a cosmetic technician and quality manager. For over 30 years she designed, tested formulas for new products., als she audited cosmetic factories. She’s always looking for new trends and strives for the best quality and ingredients that don’t harm people and nature.